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Property Management

Step up your property management game and earn more with less stress.

It’s time to raise the bar in property management. Exceptional property management equals confidence for property investors

Exceptional property management equals confidence for property investors.

Losses from vacancies can add up much faster than you think. That’s why Ray White Balmain offers its clients the most effective solutions to lease your property quickly— using a compelling set of strategies that will surely make your ROI better than what you expect it to be. It is also the security of knowing that your requests will be met every time and your property managers are fully equipped with the skills and systems required to manage your investment.

As a property investor, these details are the key to achieving maximum financial returns.

  • Zero tolerance policy towards rent arrears
  • Competitive loan and insurance opportunities
  • Priority access to market intelligence
  • Detailed reporting on inspections and maintenance
  • Industry-best training, education and resources

We understand that rentals are your most prized assets. So, it’s only understandable that you want to know how it performs. That’s why Ray White Balmain provides its clients with access to detailed reports, especially when it comes to property upkeep and assessments.

Property management is more than coordinating tenancies and rental payments — it’s about helping you achieve your financial goals.At the Ray White Group, our job is simple: to meet the needs of our clients and their real estate properties, no matter the size of the property or whether it’s a house or an office space.

We always go the extra mile to ensure that we deliver to our promises. Tap into the strength of the Ray White Group and benefit from competitive loans, insurance and the unrivalled market intelligence that will help maximise returns on your investment property.

Think of us as a full-service rental property investment partner who continually helps you grow your portfolio. Besides having access to a highly trained team to help you manage your property, we also offer full disclosure regarding rent collections and financial reports.

We believe in creating wealth for our clients. That’s why we always aim to make our clients feel that we are on their side. We don’t simply deliver on our promises. Instead, we excel and push some more.

In property management, numbers count for everything. So, we always ensure that our clients are up to date with all transactions related to their property. Whether it’s graphs, marketing tactics, or rent arrears, we will be there to help you in any way we can.

When it comes to managing your property portfolio, nothing is more powerful than experience.

Our goal is to make our client’s life easier. That’s why we’ll always make sure that we will be there to address your concerns with maximum responsiveness committed to delivering the best results.

Our dedication to providing the best service never falters and remains consistent over the years. As a Ray White client you will benefit from 108 years of market insight and the collective strength of 700 offices in the network. With numbers like these, it’s no wonder the Ray White name is synonymous with property management in Australia.

To talk about the numbers on your property, call Ray White Balmain on (02) 9810 3476.