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Why You Should Invest in Real Estate in Balmain

By Adam Cheers

The housing market in Sydney has been showing so much growth and opportunity. The latest CoreLogic data indicate that Sydney house values grew by 9.5% and 19.3% over the last quarter and the last year, respectively [1]. That’s why if you want to invest, you should buy the right property in the right location. This can lead you to faster and powerful growth.

Are you looking for the best suburb to invest in Sydney in 2021? You should consider a real estate in Balmain.

Balmain is an affluent neighbourhood 5 km west of Sydney CBD. This suburb has a total population of 9783. Its median household income is $2456 weekly which is above the Australian median household income of $1164.60. With a walk score of 93, Balmain is a walkers’ paradise.

Why Invest in a Real Estate in Balmain

What makes Balmain attractive are its laid-back but upscale vibe, good schools, trendy restaurant scenes, relaxed pub and café culture in Victorian buildings on Darling Street. And don’t miss the artisan bakeries, boutique stores and happening eateries alongside.

Along the leafy streets of Balmain are restored sandstone workers’ cottages where well-off families, media figures and artists reside. These and other well-preserved traditional terraced townhouses and sandstone villas mainly date from the Victorian era and are one of the biggest draws in the area.

Meanwhile, the residential apartment blocks consist of a mix of different architectural styles: modern, contemporary, art deco, mid-20th century.

When it comes to quality eating and village lifestyle, it’s difficult to beat Balmain. You can even find organic food, crafts and fashion at Saturday’s Balmain Markets. In addition to all of these, here are other reasons why real estate in Balmain could be a good investment [2].

  • Balmain is a strong and stable suburb that has shown consistent historical growth.
  • Its median household income suggests that Balmain residents have more than the average household and disposable income.
  • Its demographics indicate future long-term growth.

Trust Only the Best Real Estate Agents in Balmain

When looking for a property, you should first find reliable real estate agents in Balmain. They can help you get the best property in the area. Having a person with expertise and a deep understanding of the market and the neighbourhood may save you from the potential issues and difficulty of finding a property if you’d do it yourself.

If you are a seller, then you may precisely understand how much value you’ll want if you’re selling a property you own. However, a big question is whether the price is reasonable enough until you can find other listings or property sales similar to yours. This is just one of the things that real estate agents in Balmain can easily do, even with their eyes closed. These professionals can also give you the market situation in your target location. So if you’re planning to get a property, make sure you have a trusted agent to help you with the process.

Buy and Sell with Ray White Balmain

We, at Ray White Balmain, can help lessen your stress and save you from the hassle of real estate transactions. Whether you’re buying or selling property, we guarantee trustworthy services, provided only by our finest real estate agents in Balmain. Here are some reasons why our services are the best:

  • We create open communication and are always readily available in case of concerns and problems that could arise throughout the partnership.
  • We value feedback so we can further improve and address the needs of our clients.
  • We have a proven track record in sales and real estate management.
  • We have the knowledge and understanding of the local market.
  • We have the best real estate agents in Balmain

Do you love what Balmain has to offer? We, at Ray White Balmain, can help you get the right property. Call us on +61 (2) 9810 3476.

[1] Owen, Eliza. “Australian Dwelling Values Finish the Financial Year 13.5% Higher.” PropertyUpdate.Com.Au, 1 July 2021,
[2] Warren, Brett. “The 15 Best Suburbs to Invest in Sydney in 2021.” PropertyUpdate.Com.Au, 9 July 2021,

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