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Referral Program

Our Referral Program

It pays to participate.

The referral program is an excellent way for you to earn money while giving back to the community. Together with your earnings, a portion of the selling fee will go towards our chosen institution. Thus, helping with their operations.

With your help, we can support the community towards achieving a common goal: enriching the lives of everyone around us. 5% of the selling fee and/or half a week of rent for each property management referral will be donated back to the school for each property transaction conducted through Ray White Balmain by Birchgrove Public School families; including parents, grandparents, teaching staff or even friends referred to Ray White.

Our children only deserve the best education. By participating in our referral program, we can enrich their lives by helping the public-school community with their funding. With your help, we can bolster their chances of achieving a better future.

With as little as 5% of your earnings, you can endow our local public school to support their operation.

The role of education in society

The primary role of education is to impart knowledge, job skills and cultural values to the young generation. Its objective is to improve the personal lives of everyone and help society run its course. With access to education, there’s a higher chance of alleviating poverty while giving every individual an opportunity to contribute to the country’s development.

But perhaps an essential role of a functioning education system is to build a brighter future for the nation’s students. By doing your part in supporting the local public school, you are giving kids an equal opportunity to create a better society.

Education plays an integral role in our country’s future. Innovation and progress can only occur when people have adequate skills to operate various technologies. With proper education, people can develop ideal moral values, giving everyone the ability to discern right from wrong.

Let’s give the younger generation access to the best education that they can achieve. By doing so, we are ensuring the next generation’s future and the future of our society as we know it.

Please support us, to help us support your school!

Ray White Balmain. Proudly Sponsoring Birchgrove Public School