Auction Results

2016 Results

Auction results as reported by Balmain area Real Estate Agents have been as follows, just click on each link below to view the weekly results. Results included are for property sales by auction in Balmain, Balmain East, Birchgrove, Rozelle, Lilyfield, and Leichhardt.

17th December 2016

10th December 2016

3rd December 2016

26th November 2016

19th November 2016

12th November 2016

5th November 2016

29th October 2016

22nd October 2016

15th October 2016

8th October 2016

1st October 2016

24th September 2016

17th September 2016

10th September 2016

3rd September 2016

27th August 2016

20th August 2016

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